Now that we have your attention, let's discuss. Many design agencies choose not to list their prices, preferring you call in, setup a meeting, and sit for an hour hearing a pitch, only to discover they're way out of your price range. We think that's a waste of your time and while we love talking to you, we have dogs to play with that we love very much. We have listed our prices below for each individual services. The bundling of multiple services will reduce cost, so please reach out with any custom packages you would like to build if our Complete Package does not suit your needs. 


We know that some of us have a story in us that has to come out, to paraphrase Faulkner, and some of us are plagued by perpetual writer's block. Luckily, we have some people who were born with a pen in their hand. 


$250 / Month

We write compelling copy to engage your customers. We choose blog topics based on keywords and use intelligent software to make sure we conform with the latest SEO standards. You will receive FOUR blogs a month on your website then promote through your social channels.


$50 / Month

We create stunning email newsletters based on evergreen content. The portion of your content that is always relevant will be entered into a queue, when a new subscriber joins your list, they'll begin receiving regular newsletters at a set interval. When time sensitive events come up inject those into the queue as well!

* Email Marketing is dependent upon content. If you choose to use our Email Marketing service without our blog package, you must actively generate content for your own blog for us to use in your newsletters.


Social media can be 'managed' by just about anyone. Managing it intelligently is the key. Let us crunch the numbers, schedule the posts, spread your glorious name around an amalgam of feeds.


$50 / Month

Everyone loves Facebook, right? We sure do. But what if Facebook isn't the right place for you? What if your customers spend more time on Pinterest or Nextdoor? Let us figure that out for you and then post engaging content that directs customers to your doors to learn more. We will post 3 times per week to each account we manage.


$20 / Shareable

What's a shareable you say? It's a graphic designed specifically for a social media platform like a Facebook or Instagram ad or an infographic detailing your company's service that is easily digestible and likely to be, you guessed it, shared.

* Price for Social Media is by account. If your account is not set up, there is a $100 one-time setup fee to build out all your information and create images for banners, headers, etc.


Creating your brand can be overwhelming. You know you need a logo, maybe a tagline, some specific colors maybe? Is that the same red as we used earlier? What about different formats for printers, embroidery, etc? Ugh. Let us do it. We love that kind of stuff. 



Logos can be used to tell someone exactly what your company does or they can be used to create a little wonder, prompting them to learn more. They can start off as something silly and become something ubiquitous. If designed skillfully, they can become the backbone of your brand instead of something stamped on some overstock tees you give away at Christmas. Do we really know what a Siren has to do with coffee? Maybe you do. I don't. Let's create something wonderful together.



Logos are a great start and sometimes that's just all you need. But maybe you're not sure if this blue really tells the story of you. Sometimes all you know is that your idea is whimsical and fantastical or trustworthy and dependable. Let us pair the fonts, choose the colors, create logos for different uses, and send you a branding guide complete with all formats and files needed to keep your business running for years to come.


The thing we know you've all been scrolling to find. What do we do about websites? You know you need one, but why? That's what we want to know. What's your #1 goal? Is it traffic? Customers in your store? Phone calls? Let's narrow that down and build all these complimentary services around that goal. 



We enjoy beautiful websites and we even like functional ones. But what really makes us happy is a combination of both. We want your website to awe visitors like the Sistine Chapel and get them browsing like Craigslist. We practice mobile first design to make sure your site looks great on that little computer in everyone's hand. We want your conversion buttons prominent and effective and we want to track those individually to adapt to our data. If you choose to let us build web presence outside of a package, you will receive an exported template compatible with the WordPress CMS. If you choose to let us host your website and provide a variety of the services listed above, you will receive a custom admin panel and analytics dashboard. Our services are best rendered in a package.


Do you just want it all? Like that girl in Willy Wonka whose father had a whole factory of workers looking for a golden ticket? That's the best. Or maybe you just want a few items this time around and we'll look at a few more if things work out. That's ok too. We'd love to bundle it all up for you and start right away, but first let's have a chat. 

Kit & Kaboodle

$2000 / Month

  • Everything listed above plus...
  • Custom Analytics Dashboard, Website Updates, Tech Support, Domain Management,
  • 2 Social Media Accounts and Setup Included
  • 10 Custom Shareables or Infographics Included
  • Having everything all in one place, working together, with one point of contact